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How do I prove I have insurance?

“I need to be able to prove I have insurance” is an often repeated call from our customers. Do you? Can you? The truth is that there is no mechanism by which you can prove you are insured. Read on to find out more

Documents are so easily produced and altered nowadays that the truth is that any piece of paper could have been produced or altered by anyone and fundamentally ‘proves’ nothing.

The best that anyone can do is to assure the authorities that the policy shown to them is genuine, is one under which the individual is covered and will be maintained in force for the trip. Of course, you might have just taken a copy of a policy off the internet, changed it to suit your needs and printed off … who is going to know? How could they tell? Simple answer is they won’t, and they can’t.

We get asked for separate letters to ‘prove’ insurance, we get asked to issue replacement documents with names and dates suitable for the trip, actually you might be astounded to find out what we are asked for, but even if we produced these things (which we don’t) they still ‘prove’ nothing more than there is a piece of paper with that information on it. Where it came from, who prepared it and whether it is accurate is incapable of being proved.

Truth is, it’s only the assurance and details of what the cover is that the authorities or tour organisers are looking for. If they wanted unequivocal proof they would have to contact the insurer directly themselves and seek direct confirmation. The only companies who do that are medical facilities giving treatment. They really do want to be certain they will get paid and they don’t trust anything other than direct confirmation from the insurer. They know the above only too well and don’t accept any piece of paper or electronic document … they always phone the insurer help line and validate the cover personally and thoroughly.

So here’s the rub when it comes to our travel insurance policies and dealing with VISA applications, travelling to Cuba or giving insurance information to other parties. Use the full policy wording available through your employer for VISA applications and take this with you on holiday (especially if going to Cuba where insurance is compulsory); but please don’t panic about what you actually produce because ultimately everyone knows that you aren’t really ‘proving’ anything. You are simply giving an assurance that you have arranged appropriate insurance. If anyone wants to challenge that then they will have to contact the insurer themselves, there simply is no other way for them to get the assurance they seek.

Our schedules on the full policy wording are designed to allow you to carry just the top part in your purse or wallet. This contains emergency contact information for medical emergencies, claims company contact information and the policy number which is the same for all companies. That really is all you need in an emergency. It’s worth taking the full wording because it will help you know what you are covered for and what will be required in the event of a claim so we would recommend having this too; but remember it doesn’t really prove anything!

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