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Cover before policy begins

If you already have an insurance policy with us then it may already cover your whole trip. Our travel insurance policies operate for defined periods, usually of one year. To qualify a trip must begin within that period but it can end outside the period. So for example an insurance that expires on 31 March will cover all trips that begin on or before that day provided they do not exceed the maximum allowed duration. There is NO need to contact us in that respect. The position is confirmed under the definition of TRIP under the insurance policy that you can secure through your employer.

If you do not have an existing policy but want cover to start early, we can allow the insurance to begin early provided the trip extends into the new period. So for example, if your policy begins on 1 April, we can start cover early provided you will be returning on or after 1 April. This is however on application only and you should e mail with details of the company you work for and the dates your trip begins and ends.

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